Q: Are you a referral network?

A: Yes, but we’re much more than that. We are a unique service, in that we encourage proactive planning. Our Charter Partners all have care giving backgrounds, so we have an intimate understanding of the family dynamics, legal issues, financial pitfalls and administrative snafus that can suck the life out of a working family. We want to help families preserve their health, well-being and legacies, and make a living too.

Q: Why don’t I see any financial advisors (or certain other professionals) in the Resource listings?

A: Certain industries are highly regulated, requiring professionals in those industries to forego particular marketing methods. The professionals listed on the site are free from those restrictions. Rest assured that if you require the services of a certain kind of professional, we will provide you with their qualifications and information so that you will be completely comfortable with the provider and they will be in full compliance with their industry’s regulations in order to serve you.

Q: There are free services out there. Why should anyone pay you?

A: You get what you pay for. Certainly, one can sit down and Google these services and try to figure it out for themselves. Or ask for advice from friends and relatives. Or try the free services. But know that NOTHING is truly free. If you aren’t charged, it will take time. YOUR TIME. Many “free” services have hidden costs.

Q: Are you offering legal advice? or financial advice?

A: Grand Family Planning only provides advice to seek out professional advice for important matters. We connect you to qualified professionals who can provide the actual advice.

Q: I’m single and have no family. Should I join?

A: That depends on you and the people you love. There may be people outside your immediate household you care about, who may someday need your help. And what about you? Who will speak for you if you can’t speak for yourself? We can connect you to professional advocates.

Q: My spouse and I recently married. We don’t have kids or plan to. Is GFP for us?

A: Do you have living parents? In-laws? Older aunts and uncles? Nieces and nephews? Who will take care of you if you can’t advocate for yourselves?

Q: Are you an elder care service?

A: In a way. We can certainly connect members with appropriate services. But the greatest value we provide is in the coordination of multiple services for families that need to evaluate their position and fill any gaps. We are educators, connectors and facilitators. We can be your guardian angels.

Q: Does Grand Family Planning have something to do with birth control?

A: No. While birth control can have an impact on health and well-being, that’s not our focus. We want families to be prepared to help each other with legal, financial and more “big picture” issues. We advocate for LIFE CONTROL.

Q: If I become a Member, do I have to use EVERYONE in your network?

A: No. We don’t force anyone to work with anyone else. If you’re happy with the people who are currently serving your needs, we’re glad! But if you need two or more other services, why not talk to us? We can reach out to your preferred professionals and try to work with them, too. They may even be interested in joining us as Partners.

Q: What if my parents say “NO”?

A: We are not surprised. We can help. It’s rare that family members are immediately receptive to having “the Talk.” By engaging Grand Family Planning, we can come with you and reassure your loved ones that we are ON THEIR SIDE. We want to help people express their wishes and assist the rest of the family in carrying them out.

Q: What if I only need one service?

A: We’re happy to connect you with a Partner who can help you. There’s never a charge for single referrals. In time, things change and you may need other services that would make Membership a smart option for you.