For Parents of Special Needs Children

In the state of New Jersey, here’s an extremely important resource:

New Jersey Courts: Where you can find many forms and information about filings to enable you to care for your special needs child.

For those seeking Guardianship of their Special Needs child: many families are faced with having to file for this legal standing as their children approach the age of majority (18), when they become legally (if not practically) responsible for themselves. What many people don’t know is that, armed with the appropriate knowledge and forms, they can file for this on their own for only $200. As a public service to these families, we offer these documents in one convenient ZIP file for download: SpecialNeedsPacket

In New York State, there’s a new resource for parents of special needs children: This is a website optimized for smartphones. We hope you find it useful. Please let us know what you think.

Please note that Grand Family Planning offers this information as a courtesy and we always recommend that you seek appropriate professional advice.