How Does It Work?

Grand Family Planning is a unique, one-stop solution to your family’s needs.

We work with you as team of guardian angels to uncover and resolve common problems most families face:

  • Be certain everyone’s wishes are documented
  • Make sure you have legal authority to speak on behalf of those you love
  • Have the resources in place to pay for what’s desired
  • Minimize conflict 

You’re a great candidate if

  • you have a family you love
  • have assets to protect
  • desire clarity about the wishes of your loved ones
  • dream of a secure retirement
  • hope for your children to thrive and prosper
  • realize that life can be better with a team behind you
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When you join Grand Family Planning, you become part of our family! We bring you

  • simplicity
  • convenience
  • coordination
  • savings
  • stress relief

We all work as a team on your behalf. You don’t have to repeat yourself; we’ll know your situation before each appointment. And as you progress, updated information will be shared with the appropriate teammates. In time, things change. That’s inevitable. But your membership in Grand Family Planning will continue to serve you and your family as life changes. You’ll never walk alone.


  1. Request a FREE Consultation. Or call 973-962-1880.
  2. Needs Analysis: If appropriate, we will offer to conduct an in-depth analysis of your family. There is a fee for this process.
  3. Needs Review: All of your needs will be discussed with recommended solutions.
  4. If you are ready to act, you will become a Grand Family Planning Member, and we will build your Action Plan, consisting of a Team Roster and a formal Game Plan. A commitment fee will be required.
  5. Take Action: We will connect you with your Team. All fees for services and details for your meetings will be spelled out in your incremental Action Plan.
  6. Enjoy Membership: You will be granted access to all of Grand Family Planning’s tools and resources.
  7. Accountability: You’ll receive reminders and support.
  8. Get it all done: When your Action Plan is complete, you can relax. We’ll help you track any necessary follow up.
  9. Transitions: Life brings change. Whenever something important happens, let us know. Keeping us up to date will allow us to help you with your family’s evolving needs.
  10. Have a challenge? We’re always available to you. Whatever needs you or your family might have with regard to health and well-being, we can connect you to a teammate who can help.


We take your family’s well-being very seriously, and want to support you in every possible way. Since the best advice only works when it’s followed, we require our Members to be accountable, and to follow the Action Plan we create with you.

No one is ever forced to do anything. But we can only do so much; this is, after all, your life. So, if we all agree that the tasks we discuss need to be addressed, then we’ll do everything we can to support your decisions and help you achieve your goals in a timely fashion. That’s part of our job: to keep you moving forward, so time doesn’t get away from you.

Fee Structure

When you decide a Needs Analysis is right for you, you will be charged a one-time fee (based on the complexity of your case). You won’t have to pay for this again, as long as your Membership remains active. (A 50% deposit will be required to start and the remaining 50% will be collected at the conclusion of the Needs Analysis Review).

Membership Fee (required to create your complete Action Plan): $300 for the first year. This enables us to build your GFP Team Roster and Game Plan, and gives you access to all of our resources, ongoing support and coordinated services for your entire family for as long as your Membership remains active.

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Money Back Guarantee: Grand Family Planning will do everything we can to ensure your satisfaction with our services. We will take all reasonable steps to resolve any disputes. Full details will be provided with your Membership contract.